Calling All Windsor Kids!

The Windsor Library’s Book Drop is getting a makeover, and we need your help. Thanks to Bob Meyers and Tim Crane, the old box has been de-rusted, given a new latch, primed, and painted a handsome deep blue. And now it’s ready for the final touch...or, touches: bright little handprints!

We plan to use stencils made from outlining our children’s hands to decorate the box. A hand tracing station will be set up at the Library from now through Saturday, November 20th. Stop by anytime during our regular hours: MON 5 – 7:30 pm, FRI 12 noon – 5 pm, SAT 10 am – 12:30 pm. It will only take a minute.

The handprints will be stenciled in an array of bright colors, and the book drop will be installed outside the library. The kids will have fun trying to identify which hand is theirs; and those of us who grew fond of that beat-up postal mail box sitting outside the town offices collecting rust, wasp nests and mouse droppings, will get to experience its rightful reincarnation.

Patty Crane, Friends of Windsor
Beth Webb, Windsor Library
Sandie Zink, Windsor Library