Don't you love Windsor at this time of year, when the spring wildflowers are nearing their peak? Now it's buttercups, daisies, irises, and ragged robin—to name just a few. Whether motoring, bicycling, or walking past, who could resist stopping for a longer look? These photos were taken on a recent evening bicycle ride. From left to right, top then bottom: Hume Field, Notchview; Bates Field, Notchview;  Drew's Field, Savoy Rd; Piekos Field, Savoy Rd. (Click on each for a larger view). At one stop, we came upon a local couple enjoying a picnic surrounded by blooms. Dinner out doesn't get any better than that! Piekos Field, as always, was a highlight with its stunning views, music-box-like calls of bobolinks, and the feeling that you're at the top of the world. We've got it good here. If you'd like to share your favorite Windsor wildflower photos with us, we'd love to create a gallery. Send your jpeg files to us at fowindsor@gmail.com.