Windsor Club Cellar Hole


Windsor Club, a social and sporting group, was located in a two-story brick building built around 1824. Activities included weekend hunting, fishing, get-togethers, and summer picnics. The picnics were held at Judge’s Hill fort nearby. A stone fireplace remains there today.

            The house itself was described as a ‘fine old house” with a pretty lawn and locust trees by North Adams’ Henry Kemp, who discussed the Club in a 1960s Progress newsletter. An October 1904 edition of Berkshire Resort Topics mentions the club also had a pavilion, an observation point with stunning views, and “good but simple accommodations”. A July edition of the magazine notes that the Club, per member request, was built in a quiet, exclusive place.

Today, what remains of the club is a stone foundation in the woods on Shaw Road Trail at Notchview (see photo below). A Friends of Windsor historical marker stands in the vicinity of the cellar hole today, next to Notchview’s trails sign. — Rachel Niswander, Terra Corps Intern